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1:1 Video Call Meetings | Advice & FAQ

You can’t send 1:1 meeting requests?

  • Please check if you have activated your availability. Menu: Meetings -> AVAILABILITY. If not: 
  • Check if you have selected the sessions in which you want to participate. Menu: Agenda -> add sessions from 'Event agenda' to 'Agenda'
  • Meeting requests must be accepted to be scheduled.

How do I join a scheduled meeting?

  • You can access your meeting schedule via Menu "Meetings" in the top right corner. 
  • Click the green button "Start meeting" next to your meetings to join the 1:1 meeting Video Call

What options do I have if the meeting partner does not show up timely?

  • Quick reminder to join the Video Call
    Send a message (or phone call) and alert your meeting partner to join the missed Video call. 
    This should work well if enough time is left over (e.g. 15+ min) for this scheduled meeting.
  • Re-schedule the meeting
    In case your meeting partner doesn’t reacts immediately on a reminder as indicated above you should re-schedule and postpone the meeting by 1-2 hours.
  • If a meeting can not be managed at the event date itself please use the chat messaging system (open the meeting partners profile) to schedule a phone call or meeting outside this platform

What if my camera or microphone does not work?

The virtual meetings take place through the b2match video tool, which is integrated in the b2match platform and it doesn’t need to/it can't be downloaded.

Make sure you follow the instructions below.

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Andorra 1
Austria 5
Belgium 22
Bosnia And Herzegovina 1
Brazil 2
Bulgaria 2
Canada 1
Croatia 3
Cyprus 2
Czech Republic 2
Denmark 7
Estonia 1
Finland 3
France 10
Germany 20
Greece 5
Heard Island And Mcdonald Islands 1
India 1
Ireland 3
Israel 1
Italy 12
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South Korea 1
Latvia 4
Mexico 1
Netherlands 191
Norway 1
Poland 5
Portugal 2
Romania 3
Saudi Arabia 1
Singapore 1
Slovenia 1
Spain 21
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Switzerland 2
Taiwan 1
Turkey 27
United Kingdom 7
United States 6
Total 401